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Chase Atlantic Merch is the official merchandise for người hâm mộ. Chúng tôi là #1 Chase Atlantic Trang phục & Sưu tầm. 

Biểu ngữ web hàng hóa Chase Atlantic - Cửa hàng Chase Atlantic
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Biểu ngữ web hàng hóa Chase Atlantic - Cửa hàng Chase Atlantic
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Biểu ngữ web hàng hóa Chase Atlantic - Cửa hàng Chase Atlantic
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Welcome to Official Chase Atlantic Merch

This is a warm welcome to all fans who are looking to show their love for Chase Atlantic through our store. This band is an Australian alternative R&B band and production trio from Cairns, Australia, formed in 2014. The group consists of lead vocalist Mitchel Cave, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Christian Anthony, artist. lead guitar, saxophonist and backing. vocalist Clinton Cave, touring guitarist Patrick Wilde and drummer Jesse Boyle. This band is known for its originality and has been an inspiration to many individuals for a very long time because of his character image. Right at our Merch Store, we have an impressive range of products on display, from Accessories, Posters, Bags to clothing lines. along with: T-shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Masks… It’s hard to find a place like us to find the right merchandise and accessories, we offer it all.

Bạn cũng có thể sáng tạo như bạn muốn với tất cả hàng hóa trong danh mục của chúng tôi vì bạn sẽ khám phá mọi thứ ngay tại đây.

Why Choose Chase Atlantic T-Shirts or Hoodies?

The band has a unique musical style. Over the course of four years of producing music, their musical style changed from alternative/pop sounds to more alternative/R&B sounds, with which the band resonated more. People are looking for these impressive pieces with this small print everywhere, especially t-shirts and hoodies.

Many manufacturers have adopted the image and created their own personalized clothing lines. Right here, we’re simply trying to bring it to lovers around the world in a simpler way.

An Official Chase Atlantic Merch Store – Great Collection

Our official Merchandise Store is your one-stop shop for Merchandise in a variety of sizes and varieties. You can also order t-shirts, hoodies, jackets or bags, notebooks, and more. that you can consider in our collection.

Which product would you like to own? Discover your favorite products right here in our Merchandise Store, we ship fast and free worldwide, so you can order something you see on the Store wherever you are. You will buy it safely as it is always our top priority, our payment strategies are trusted by the most reputable sources. Includes: Paypal, Credit/Debit Card (including but not limited to Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

Having trouble making payments? Is your product late or damaged? In any case, please contact us at email.

Nhiệm vụ của Cửa hàng Hàng hóa Chase Atlantic Chính thức!

Nhiệm vụ của chúng tôi là làm cho trang web của chúng tôi hữu ích nhất có thể cho những người theo dõi và cộng đồng của chúng tôi để họ không phải tìm kiếm nhiều như trước đây. Chúng tôi cam kết rằng sự hài lòng của khách hàng luôn đặt lên hàng đầu, đối xử với khách hàng bằng sự tôn trọng tối đa và cung cấp cho họ chất lượng dịch vụ cao nhất mà họ xứng đáng được hưởng.

Our entire website is designed to interact with customers and make their shopping expertise as comfortable as possible to allow them to always discover what they are looking for. Our Buyer Help is available to assist followers with any questions that may arise.

Chase Atlantic là ai?

This group is an Australian alternative R&B band and production trio from Cairns, Australia, formed in 2014. The group consists of lead vocalist Mitchel Cave, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Christian Anthony, lead guitarist, saxophonist, and backing vocalist Clinton Cave, touring guitarist Patrick Wilde, and touring drummer Jesse Boyle. The group has released eight albums,”Dalliance” in 2014, “Nostalgia” in 2015, “Paradise EP” in 2016, “Part Three” in 2017, “Phases “in 2019, “DON’T TRY THIS” in 2019, and Beauty in Death 2021.

This group officially released the EP Dalliance on 26 May 2014. Their early sound was often described as pop rock and Pop punk. In February 2015, the band released their second EP, Nostalgia. Their song “Friends” was featured in several Tumblr edits. Later in 2015, the band caught the eye of Benji and Joel Madden, and they signed the group to their management company, MDDN, in early 2016.

In January 2016, This group released “Obsessive.” In February 2016, they released their third EP, Paradise, and did extensive promo for it, including an Australian tour where they played the EP in full.

In January 2017, This band released their fourth EP, Part One, to coincide with their signing with Warner Bros. Records. This was followed by Part Two in March 2017. In mid-2017, the band announced their first ever tour of the United States, opening for Sleeping with Sirens’ Gossip: Up Close & Personal Tour, which they considered the beginning of their career as a touring act. Chase Atlantic released Part Three in September 2017. Their self-titled debut album, The band, was released in October 2017. Later in 2017, they went on their first headlining tour in the United States, where they played 16 shows across 11 states, followed by an Australian tour opening for Blackbear. In 2018, the band continued touring the United States by opening for singer Lights and playing US & UK festivals, including Bonnaroo, Vans Warped Tour 2018, and Reading/Leeds Festival 2018. They released standalone singles “Numb to the Feeling” and “Tidal Wave ” in mid-2018.That summer, they also left Warner Brothers Records and went independent.

This band has a unique style of music, which, according to the band, is “conjured up dark alternative pop punctuated by rock and R&B.” Throughout their four years of producing music, their music style has changed from an alternative/pop sound to a more alternative/R&B sound, which the band resonates with more. They are a combination of R&B, rock, pop, and alternative and are influenced by many artists from those genres, including Tame Impala and The Weeknd.

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